Gear Review and Giveaway: Nightrider LED Headlamp and Why Headlamps Are Awesome

The Nightrider LED Headlamp.
When you're running around at night, setting up camp after a long day on the trail, or looking for something in the back of a closet, being able to see in the dark is pretty important. Using your smartphone's flashlight or a standard flashlight are both options, but when it comes to choosing a light source, you'll want to think about getting a headlamp for a variety of reasons.

1. Flashlights tend to be heavier and take up more space than a headlamp, and if  you're conserving weight on a backpacking trip, taking a headlamp will make your pack lighter.

2. Using your phone's flashlight drains the battery, and I know if I'm near water and need light, the last thing I'm going to do is risk dropping my phone in the drink.

3. Wearing a headlamp means you've got two free hands to do whatever you need to do in the dark. Whether it's making dinner, setting up camp, even just walking from your campsite to the campground bathroom, it's super helpful to have maximum dexterity.

4. There's the all-important coolness factor. Everyone looks cool wearing a headlamp, right?

5. When you're not outdoors, there are plenty of uses for a headlamp at home. For instance, when your cat crawls into a hole in the floor and you can't see him to help him get out, headlamps definitely come in handy. (Don't worry, Jasper is completely fine, and he hasn't crawled under the floorboards since.)
On a recent trip to California's Lost Coast, I took the Nightrider LED Headlamp with me to make sure I could navigate around camp in the dark. It weighs in at two ounces with the battery installed, making it light enough that I almost forgot I had it on. The headlamp's elastic head band is narrow, so if you're running, you might want to cinch it down a bit more than usual, but it stayed put on my head in camp. It's easy to adjust the angle of the light as well.

The Nightrider has  three white light settings, which came in handy in attempts to both avoid blinding my tent mate (medium setting, 40 lumens) and when I needed to see a good distance along the beach to avoid tripping over rocks (high setting, 100 lumens). The Nightrider also has two red light settings - SOS strobe and high. I found switching between the white light settings as well as from white light mode to red light mode a cinch. Switching between white settings just requires the push of a button, and holding the button down for three seconds gets you into red light mode. Another three second hold switches you back.

I was pleasantly surprised to find an AA battery included in the box when I got my complimentary lamp for testing; other battery powered products I've tried don't come with the power included, and this was a great benefit.

Bottom line? If you're looking for a new headlamp that's light and easy to use, the Nightrider LED Headlamp is a great option. And we're giving one away in partnership with Nightrider. Enter using the widget below, and be sure to leave a method of contact so we can get in touch with you if you win. This giveaway is only open to residents of the United States; please be sure to read the terms and conditions before you enter, and good luck!

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Jones Foxx Jr. said…
Awesome !
CRAusmus said…
Late Night Runs...
MommaDarby said…
i like to work outside in the backyard at night sometimes, i know i'm weird lol
Me said…
What brand are your pants? They look pretty handy too.
Katie L said…
I've always been too afraid to try running in the dark...maybe I'll start now!
Katie L said…
Not weird at all! It's cooler, quieter, and peaceful :)