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Five Things NOT to Bring on a Backpacking Trip

If you've been backpacking for a while, odds are you've been on more than one trip where you brought things you didn't need. I shared a list of things not to bring a few years ago, and as I started thinking about preparing for a trip in April, a few more things came to mind.

Basic essentials may not change from trip to trip, but every trip is an opportunity for to refine  personal must-haves in the food, gear, and apparel departments. It's so much about trial and error! And in my experience, it's much easier to find checklists covering everything you should bring backpacking, but what about things you should consider leaving at home? Based on my backpacking experience, here are some things I'd recommend avoiding bringing with you on your next trip.
Anything You Can't Lose Things like jewelry I always wear when I’m out and about at home come to mind in this case. Though it feels strange being without a ring I always have on, I wouldn’t dream of taking it wit…

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