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On Privilege, My Privilege, and the Outdoors

It's been quiet around here lately. Life changes, priorities change, and pandemics happen, as it turns out. All of those things affect the time and energy we have to devote to our passion projects. Regardless of what I have or haven't documented here, I've had the privilege of being able to hike these past few months, as a I have the privilege of doing to some degree, pandemic aside, whenever I'd like. I have the ability to try to just about any outdoor sport. I've had access to or owned a car for my entire life, and have been able to accumulate all the gear and apparel I need for my activities.  I won't experience racism on my hikes, or ever. I understand the color of my skin affords me privilege . I understand being able to have the outdoor experiences I have is a privilege. I understand that choosing to be silent or choosing to speak up about racial injustice is a privilege. But as a white woman, my voice in this isn't the voice that matters. So m

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