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On Leave No Trace and Social Media

The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics recently released Leave No Trace and Social Media, an addition to the organization's framework around responsible enjoyment of the outdoors. And I was stoked. 

It's clear adoption of social media has an impact on the popularity of outdoor places, and as a result, an impact on resources. Resource impacts include everything from overflowing parking lots to more trash left behind, human waste disposed of improperly, trail overuse, increases in human-wildlife interaction, unnatural erosion, and more, even wildfires and deaths.

So knowing Leave No Trace, the primary organization teaching people how to responsibly enjoy the outdoors, recognizes social media's impact is a big deal. But it's complicated.

This new set of guidelines (hopefully) means there'll be more discussion around what happens when someone posts a photo of a tent where tents shouldn't go, or a fire pit where there shouldn't be one, and what message tha…

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