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Hiking Slovakia: Suchá Belá in Slovenský Raj

Spoiler alert: this was one of the coolest and most unique hikes I've done. 

Last week, I covered a stunning high above treeline hike in Slovakia's High Tatra mountains after having recently returned from a trip there. An incredible, generous, adventurous friend grew up in Slovakia, which meant those of us on the trip benefited from her extensive knowledge of the places we visited.

Before we left, she sent me an article detailing the top six hikes in one of the country's national parks - Slovenský Raj. The direct translation? Slovak Paradise. I didn't initially believe the translation, thinking it was perhaps just a nickname. But it's true. And after a visit there, I can understand why.

Slovenský Raj is actually a plateau, and part of the Low Tatra mountains in eastern Slovakia. It first became a protected parcel of land in the early 1960's, then a national park in the late 1980's. Steep canyons, deep gorges, tall cliffs, and towering waterfalls make for so…

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