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Six (More) Winter Camping and Backpacking Tips

Though it's technically still autumn, winter is just around the corner, and I can't wait. Winter brings tiny, sparkly snowflakes, beautiful frozen waterfalls, and after a storm, the world is so purely quiet.

It's also an amazing time to be outdoors! Familiar trails will look completely different, and it’s a chance to observe places you've been and sights you've seen in completely new light. Though camping and backpacking is more of a challenge when the snow starts falling, there are hundreds of tips for making your cold weather adventures more enjoyable. I shared eight of them here a while ago, and here are a few more of my favorites!

Know your trails, and take a map. This should go without saying, you never want to start a trip without having a good understanding of the trails you're heading out on. But it's absolutely essential to know and pay close attention to wayfinding preparation in winter. The Appalachian Trail, for example, is blazed white, which ca…

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