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Hiking Iowa: Effigy Mounds National Monument

There are currently 129 national monuments in the United States. Though national parks are protected for their recreational value, scenic wonder, inspirational significance, and educational value, national monuments are protected for a different reason.

Most are home to objects of cultural, historical, or scientific significance. And how they're designated (presidential proclamations using federally owned land, which is a hot topic these days) is different from how national parks are designated (by Congress).

Prior to visiting Effigy Mounds National Monument, I didn't know it existed. (Of the 129 national monuments, I can count the number I've been to on one hand, time to change that!) Turns out, it's much more than a gorgeous place to go hiking right on the Mississippi River in Iowa.
About Effigy Mounds National Monument According to the National Park Service, President Harry Truman designated Effigy Mounds in 1949. The idea was to protect what a passerby might see as…

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