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Sierra Trading Post has been publishing articles related to everything from gear reviews to how-to articles and adventure stories on the Sierra Social Hub over the past few years. In an effort to provide more information and more articles, Sierra Trading Post assembled a group of outdoor bloggers to regularly add their voice to the Sierra Social Hub.

Since the inception of Sierra Trading Post's #TeamSierra blog network, I've been fortunate enough to be a part of it. The network is in its third season, and for the past three "seasons," I've had a platform (soapbox?) to share stories and tips around all sorts of things.

Gear Review and Giveaway: olloclip iPhone Lens for the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5/5S for Better Phone Photography

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The OlloClip for the iPhone 5C, including lens caps and bag.
Short of bringing a professional photographer along on my adventures and investing in expensive photography equipment, I'm always looking for ways to up my outdoor photography game. I've used Canon point-and-shoot cameras and a Canon DSLR on trips, but given I always have my smartphone with me, sometimes it's easier to leave the cameras at home. However, there are specific shots I'd like to take that my iPhone just isn't equipped to handle.

Olloclip makes a variety of lens options for a variety of devices, including iPhones, iPads, and the Samsung Galaxy. They're neat little devices that, once attached to your phone, give you the option to take photos using different types of effects. Read on for the review and scroll to the bottom of this article to enter the giveaway!

Five Common CrossFit Questions Answered

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My teammates and the CrossFit community mean the world to me.
Though it might not seem like barbells and burpees relate to the outdoors, when I started CrossFit, it was because I wanted to be fit enough to take on any outdoor challenge.

Whether it was staying on my feet for an entire day of skiing, biking 160 miles in a weekend, or backpacking 27 miles in two days, I wanted to be ready for anything. When one of my outdoor idols mentioned having used CrossFit to train for mountain guiding, I knew I needed to check it out, and I haven't looked back.

Gear Review: Boil, Brew, Store and Enjoy Your Coffee with Stanley's Vacuum Coffee System

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The whole system, all buttoned up.
Getting coffee on the move seems to be getting easier and easier these days. But I'm about as picky as it gets when it comes to my cup of joe, even if I'm in the middle of the woods. Enter, Stanley's Vacuum Coffee System, which takes coffee brewing on the go to an entirely new level.

Unlike other portable coffee brewing options like French press travel mugs and the like, Stanley's system packs everything you need to make some seriously great coffee into a neat, portable package. And I mean everything.

The pot, the filter, the mugs, storage for coffee grounds, and an insulated thermos to carry the brewed coffee in when you're done brewing are all a part of the system. Reminiscent of the matryoshka dolls I played with as a kid, the more you take the pieces apart, the more you'll find inside.

Fall Trail Snack Favorites from Halfpops, Frontier Snacks and Primal Pacs

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Snacking on top of Kittatinny Ridge with Halfpops.
Having snacks that are delicious, nutritious, and appealing no matter how exhausted I am on the trail is super important. I'll typically pack some snacks that are nutrient-dense, some that will give me quick energy, some that'll keep me full as long as possible without putting me to sleep, and some that just plain taste good. This fall, I added three new snacks to my clean eating favorites list from Halfpops, Primal Pacs and Frontier Snacks.


MSRP $1.49 for one 2 oz. serving, $3.99 for one 6 oz. serving
Though my mother cautioned me against eating partially popped popcorn kernels growing up, ("You'll crack your teeth!), I loved digging through a bowl of fluffy popcorn in search of kernels that didn't fully explode in the pot on the stove. Now, those of us who crave that satisfying crunch can get it without the extra effort.