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Review: Coffee on the Go with Stoked Stix

Coffee is an essential part of my morning routine. I'd like to think it's less about the caffeine, which I'm convinced I can't actually feel anymore, and more about the fact that it's a signal for the start of the day.

At home, I'll shower, boil water in our Hario goose neck kettle, grind whatever beans we have on hand that week, dump the grounds into a cone coffee filter nestled in our Melitta Ready Set Joe single cup brewer, and brew. If I know I'm at home most of the morning, I'll break out my Stanley Coffee System to make a larger batch, or pull out the Aeropress.

(Stoked Roasters founder Jax Koudelle says she loves to brew coffee with an Espro Press, a double filtered French press that serves up a super clean cup of coffee. And here I thought I knew every possible way to make coffee!)

When I'm camping or backpacking, coffee's just as important as it is at home. Packing equipment I'd use to brew coffee at home can work in some cases, but …

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