5 Ways to Get Involved on Earth Day

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I want to be able to see sights like this for years to come!
Though we can all make decisions that show appreciation for Mother Nature year round, Earth Day is the perfect day to focus more on what you can do to protect, preserve, and conserve our planet.

If you're not sure what to do, or need more ideas, try one or all of these, and I'd love to hear what you're doing to celebrate Earth Day in the comments!

Learn about climate issues and legislation, and make your voice heard.

After the most recent presidential election, I found myself more anxious about what would become of our environment and the public lands I hold dear than I'd ever been. I focused on figuring out what I could do and learn, and what actions I could take to support local, national, and international policies to combat climate change and protect public lands.

Start by learning more about climate change, and research legislation proposed that'll either make a positive impact on efforts to fight it along with legislation that won't. (It's actually really neat to read the text of legislation!)

Guest Post: 8 Activities for Your First Trip to Zion National Park

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Riverside Walk, image courtesy of Zion Ponderosa.
With 229 square miles of soaring cliffs, narrow canyons and striking scenery, it’s no wonder Zion National Park was one of our nation’s top ten most visited parks this year. My first and only visit there was an overnight almost ten years ago, and I’ve been itching to go back ever since. 

If it’s time to cross Zion National Park off your bucket list, or if you’re me and couldn’t accomplish much on your first and only visit there, this is the guest post for you! Take it from today’s guest blogger, Kirsten Metcalf, on behalf of this post's sponsor, Zion Ponderosa, and try one or all of these things on your trip there. 

Wander Riverside Walk. 

If you’re looking for a way to ease into hiking in Zion, or need a family-friendly trail to try, Riverside Walk is the perfect introduction to all the park has to offer. Once called Gateway to the Narrows, this easy trail is only 2.2 miles round trip, and it’s paved the entire way.

Spring Giveaway: JUMPER Threads and Working Joe

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Spring stoke was high this weekend on the trail!
This past weekend marked my first official hike this spring. I paid a visit to Mount Minsi with friends, and it was exciting to visit a place I hadn't been to in years before the summer crowds get too bad.

And what better way to continue the spring stoke than to offer up a giveaway? 

I've partnered up with ReadyYeti to host a sponsored giveaway for two awesome new brands - JUMPER and Working Joe. Scroll down to enter!

JUMPER was created under the premise that some of our everyday gear and apparel could simply be better. Though a plain white t-shirt from your favorite discount retailer might work just fine, the JUMPER team believes simple products like that plain white t-shirt can be improved through performance fabrics and intelligent designs and technology.

5 Things to Add to Your Spring Adventure Gear Checklist

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Hooray for warmer temperatures
and rainy, muddy weather! (PC: D. Herscovitch)
As we say goodbye to winter, it's time to look forward to spring hiking. It might seem like heading out onto the trail without giving your gear list much thought is fine, but leftover snow, overflowing streams and rivers, and a metric ton of mud along with unpredictable weather can be tough if you're not prepared.

Take a look at these five things you'll want to include on your gear checklist for spring hiking and backpacking. And throughout the season, refine your gear list and layering systems to best fit your needs. (Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this post, and I'll receive a commission for purchases made.)

Waterproof Footwear

Though frozen feet aren't as prevalent in spring, wet feet can still make for an uncomfortable day. Wearing hiking boots with a waterproof, breathable membrane, or full grain leather hiking boots, can help keep your feet happier when you're dealing with wet terrain. They'll also help you feel better about trudging through deep puddles on the trail rather than walking around them, which helps keep trails in good shape.

Six Do's and Don'ts for Successful Spring Hiking

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Things are going to start looking green soon!
Though saying farewell to winter isn't among my favorite things to do, the turn of the season means it's time to focus on planning hiking and related adventures with the onset of warmer weather.

Going for a hike sounds like a relatively simple adventure, but there are plenty of things to consider when you're choosing a destination, preparing your gear, and planning your route.

Spring hiking can bring all sorts of challenges, and fun, that you won't find in other seasons.

Do Engage in Some Old Fashioned Spring Cleaning and Gear Prep.

Even if you got out adventuring this winter, in all likelihood, some of your go-to gear and apparel has been sitting in your gear closet since the first snow. Cleaning out your gear closet out is a great first step to help you prep for spring trips.

Hiking Kootenay National Park: Stanley Glacier Basin in Winter

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Making our way up the trail to Stanley Glacier.
The trouble my partner in crime and I had picking a day hike in Banff National Park (we chose Johnston Canyon) was just a preview of the trouble we were going to have doing the same in British Columbia's Kootenay National Park.

After overnighting in the town of Banff, we set off for Fernie Alpine Resort and gave ourselves a full day to get there, allowing plenty of time for some hiking along the way.

After much debate, and recommendations from the locals, we chose a combination of an out-and-back half day hike as close to the Stanley Glacier as we could get followed by a stop at Marble Canyon to round out the day.

Why the Stanley Glacier basin and Marble Canyon? Glaciers aren't something we have where we live now (Pennsylvania), the trails were listed as easy to find and follow, and both trails were right off of our chosen route along AB-93S, the Kootenay Highway. They were both absolutely stunning trails to visit, and I'll cover Marble Canyon in another trip report!