Get Prepped: Ski and Snowboard Trip Packing Lists [Infographic]

Chasing powder at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.
When you're heading to the slopes, the last thing you need is to be caught unprepared.

Freezing temperatures make for ideal snow conditions, but the weather we need for good skiing and snowboarding coupled with the physical activity can take a toll on the body. That being said, it's imperative you have the right gear to have a good time, and there's a lot to consider.

While a snowboard or skis are a given, it takes more than preferred colors to make them a good match for you. Do plenty of research to find the style that best fits your size and skill level.

When choosing boots, make they're properly suited to the bindings you have and offer a snug fit while allowing enough room for warm socks. True story: I bought a pair of ski boots that feel great on, but make my feel fall asleep after a few hours when I wear thick socks. Not good. Luckily, I can wear hiking liner socks and stay warm enough.

Another piece of gear that should be a given on the slopes is a helmet. Use one fits your head, obviously, and one that offers a chin strap that fits securely against your skin. My helmet is warm enough that I don't often need to wear a hat underneath it. Keep your eyes protected with goggles, which can also serve to keep your face warm. Opt for polarized eyewear to ward off the glare, which can diminish visibility.

But, of course, there's a lot more to ski trip prep than that! Learn more about choosing ski and snowboard equipment as well as other necessary items with these infographics on ski trip essentials.

“Ready, “Ready,

Huge thanks to Saint Bernard for passing these infographics on and for sponsoring this post. What other trip essentials do you recommend? Any of these recommendations you disagree with? We'd love to hear from you!