Five Non-Emergency Essentials for Snow Day Fun

Essential number one. Yum!
For what seems like at least the millionth time this winter, we're getting a whopper of a snowstorm up and down the east coast. It's sure to cause issues with travel plans, snarl traffic for those brave (or crazy) enough to leave their houses here in Philadelphia, and for some of us, it might mean we're snowed in for the day. Though I love watching the snow come down and am excited about the possibility of another tiny adventure in a local park, I know not everyone in the storm's path feels the way I do.

For those of us who considered booking it to a ski resort the night before the storm, if you're me, you'll ultimately ended up watching the snow fall at home. As I knew the storm was coming, there are a few non-emergency snow day essentials I made sure to have on hand. 

Bulletproof Coffee
It's pretty difficult for me to start my day off without a good, strong cup of coffee and I'm always willing to experiment with different ways to make it. My normal routine involves an Aeropress or Melitta Ready Set Joe pour over system and high-quality beans from Olde City Coffee ground right before I brew. Then, it's either almond milk or coconut milk as an addition. When I heard about the Bulletproof Coffee concept, I wasn't sure how I felt about putting butter in my morning joe. After adding the recommended tablespoon of Bulletproof Upgraded Cacao Butter as an experiment, I'm sold. Read more about why it's a good item to have on hand.

Time to get clean!
Action Wipes
Though I've been lucky enough not to lose power or access to running water during the storms we've had this year, I have friends and colleagues who haven't been quite as lucky. Though I normally use Action Wipes on backpacking trips or after CrossFit workouts on hot summer days, they're a great option for cleaning up when you're snowed in if you don't have a shower available. In addition to being effective, they smell amazin. I have the multipack pouch on hand, but you can also grab individually wrapped wipes for use on the go.

Plenty of Food and Snacks
There's nothing worse than being stuck inside all day without yummy food to nosh on. I made sure to have the essentials - eggs, veggies, meat and spices - on hand as well as some of my favorite snacks, including Rx Bars, Primal Pacs, whole avocados If the storm had been a surprise, I've still got at least half of my Mountain House Just in Case breakfast assortment bucket left. Read more here and here about some of my favorite squeaky clean snacks, good both on the trail and on snow days.

A Good Book
My to-read list continues to grow and I never seem to sit still long enough to make any headway with it. But curling up with a good book, a blanket and hot cocoa (or Bulletproof Coffee) is a great way to pass the time during a winter storm. Last year, Adventure-Inspired readers weighed in with some of their favorite outdoor adventure books and I'm hoping to start a few of them soon. I've also got my own list of favorites to choose from.

The YakTrax Pro fit perfectly on my Columbia Bugaboots!
The YakTrax Pro
Growing up in Upstate New York, I'm used to walking around town when snow, slush and ice abound. But I got to test the YakTrax Pro this winter thanks to the folks at YakTrax and so far, they're a welcomed addition to my winter weather gear arsenal. They're surprisingly lightweight, easy to get on and off, and make me feel more secure wandering around the Philadelphia streets in snow. I don't step tentatively when I have them on and don't have to worry about slipping. Getting them on and off is easy, thanks to the heel tab, and they fit a variety of shoe sizes. If you do decide to venture outside in a storm like the one we're expected to get, they're great to have.

Of course, if you plan on venturing outside to play in the snow, which I highly recommend, you'll need some solid winter weather clothing and your sense of adventure! What are some of your favorite snow day essentials? How do you pass the time when you're snowed in?


Sarah Z said…
Love that you included a good book! I'm sitting here in Seattle wishing we could have a snow storm for just that reason...