Infographic from REI: Which Pair of Skis is Right for You?

At Revelstoke with a giant pair of rental skis!
A good pair of skis is a serious investment, and whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, it's important to have the right pair. I started shopping for my first pair of skis three years ago, knowing I spend most of my slope time on groomed terrain on the east coast. I needed skis that fit my budget, fit the icy terrain I'd be (trying) to carve turns on, and that fit me. I chose an all-mountain pair from REI that came complete with a stock set of bindings I planned to change out if I ever got good enough for it to matter. So far, it's been $300 well-spent.

But if you're planning to venture out into the backcountry, there's a specialized genre of skis for that. If you spend most of your time on groomed terrain, in deep powder, or doing crazy stunts in the terrain park, there are three more sets of attributes to consider. Looking for a ski that does it all? Yet another set of possibilities. Luckily, the folks at REI created an infographic to help us all make sure we've got the right type of ski, the right ski length, and more!

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