Best of 'Mountain Tips and Mountain Tricks,' an Instructional Video Series from SWS Mountain Guides

Whether you're just starting out in mountaineering, backcountry skiing, backcountry camping or the like, most of us have a few key questions we come across on our adventures. Thankfully, Senior Guide James Brown of SWS Mountain Guides provides a weekly Mountain Tips and Mountain Tricks (MTMT) video series to answer some of those seemingly basic, but very important questions. My favorite episodes include things I've always wanted to learn more about, or simpler skills I know I need to have in my arsenal.

MTMT #4: Attaching an Ice Axe to a Backpack - You wouldn't think it would be that challenging, or that important, but it is.

MTMT #8: The Clove Hitch - Learn how to tie one of climbing's most essential knots.

MTMT #9: Field Cleaning an MSR Stove - There's nothing worse than sitting down for dinner in the cold after a long day in the backcountry, only to find your stove doesn't work.

MTMT #11: Avalanche Kits - Knowing what to carry when you're in avalanche country is essential.

Check out the SWS Mountain Guides YouTube channel for the entire Mountain Tips and Mountain Tricks video series. Have questions of your own you'd like to see featured on MTMT? Send them to JB at or post them here in the comments!