Skiing British Columbia: Revelstoke Mountain Resort Photo Essay

I spent this past week in Revelstoke, BC skiing (and face-planting into powder) at Revelstoke Mountain Resort (RMR), and all I have to say is, wow. Just, wow. The trip was exciting, terrifying, eye-opening, educational, and full of all sorts of fun. Between the incredible amount of snowfall, the lack of crowds, the jaw-dropping scenery and Mother Nature's humbling displays of power, it was impossible not to have an amazing time.

Day 1: At the Last Spike Historic Site where the Canadian Pacific Railroad was completed.

I'll have a post about the mountain, the skiing, and how hard it is to be an "intermediate" skier with a mountain like this at your disposal coming about it in a few days. (updated: find the trip report here!) But for now, I've compiled some of my favorite shots of our week in the beautiful Columbia Mountains, taken either by Dan or myself.


Day 1: Glacier National Park, BC: Land of Lots of Snow!

Day 2: Sun filtering through snow and moss covered trees.

Day 3: Ora taking a break, the town of Revelstoke down below. (D. Herscovitch)

Day 4: Me heading down toward the Columbia River. (D. Herscovitch)

Day 5: The first run I've ever hiked to! Heading to the North Bowl at RMR. (D. Herscovitch)

Day 5: The North Bowl. See if you can spot all the people!

Day 6: Roxanne, Vitor and Ora make the hike to the summit of Mt. Mackenzie. (D. Herscovitch)

Day 6: Clouds coming in. (D. Herscovitch)

Day 6: Roxanne taking a breather in knee deep powder! (D. Herscovitch)

Day 7: A storage box after patrollers used a rope to shave a layer of snow off above the door. (D. Herscovitch)

Day 7: Me trying not to freak out after hiking and dropping into the Greely Bowl. (D. Herscovitch)

Day 7: Roxanne, Vitor, Me and Dan on the descent from the Greely Bowl.