A Food Lover's Foray into Drinkable Meals: Ambronite Supermeal Review and Discount Code

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Imagine you're running between meetings at work and don't have time to stop for lunch. Or, you're
heading out on the trail and need a solid meal, but don't want your stomach stuffed with food while you're hiking. Better yet, you're back from a long trip in need of dinner and all you have in the house is snack food you can't make a meal out of.

Any of this sound familiar? These are all situations I've found myself in over the past few weeks. As a staunch proponent of not buying into hype about meal replacement shakes and the like, I was skeptical when the opportunity to give drinkable supermeal Ambronite surfaced. Why would I add water to a mix and call that a meal when I could prepare a full meal with adequate nutrition myself?

When I'm running between meetings, I'm likely to grab a snacks to tide me over. If I'm on the trail, I'll nosh on jerky or trail mix for lunch. When I'm back from a trip with no food in the house, I'll either order takeout or make whatever's easiest. None of these quick fix options pack the nutritional punch I need during meal time, including essential vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients.

Despite my initial reservations about drinking a meal rather than taking the time to carefully select ingredients and prepare my food myself, I figured, given Ambronite's nutrition profile, it was worth a try. And thanks to the folks at Ambronite, you can enter to win a handful of meals to try for yourself!

Ambronite Nutrition Profile

With phrases like "all natural" and "good for you" being thrown around without reservation these days, it's tough to discern the truth from the noise. To me, something that's healthy has to have my ideal balance of macronutrients, and give me the vitamins and minerals I need to keep me functioning at the highest level possible. The folks behind Ambronite share that philosophy, and did extensive research and recipe testing to create the drinkable supermeal mix. The mix includes, among other things,
  • Organic gluten free oats rich in minerals, soluble fibers, and omega fatty acids
  • Organic rice protein extracted from sprouted rice, chosen for its amino acid profile
  • Flax seeds rich in lignans, a fiber-related compound, and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Almonds and Brazil nuts chosen for their fatty acid profile and vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, and other micronutrients
  • Organic coconut flour, chosen for its mineral content, fiber-richness, and low glycemic index
  • Apples rich in vitamin C and flavor
  • Stinging nettle leaf, chosen to add calcium (it's five times richer in calcium than regular milk) and other micronutrients as well as herbal flavor
  • Spinach because let's be honest, we all know it's good for us
As part of my CrossFit competition training program, I work on keeping protein, fat, and carboyhydrates in a specific balance associated with the highest level of performance. Ambronite's 50g of cabohydrates is more than I typically consume per meal, but the 30g of protein and 18g of fat are just about perfect. In addition, the mineral and vitamin profile is about as good as it gets.

Taste, Preparation Hints, and General Thoughts

Overall, the taste and mouthfeel of Ambronite's drink mix is about what you'd expect from a drinkable meal. It's slightly chalky, has a nutty flavor, and is easily improved with the addition of juices, milks, fruits and berries, and spices. I found adding lemonade powder and shaking it up in a bottle, adding fresh fruit and blending in my Magic Bullet, even substituting almond milk for water helped with the flavor and consistency.

Ambronite's preparation instructions suggest 18.5 fl oz of water, which is just over a pint. My advice? Don't skimp on the liquid. The mix results in a thick, smoothie-like consistency with that amount of water added, and if you add less, you'll need a spoon.

Though Ambronite has a subscription offer that brings the price per meal down to $8.41 each, ordering a 5-pack will cost you $11.80 per serving, and ordering a 10-pack costs $9.90 per serving, plus shipping costs. The meals aren't cheap. But if ingredient sourcing, whole food ingredients, and ingredient quality are important to you, and the nutrition profile fits your needs better than alternative options, Ambronite is absolutely worth considering. 

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