Protect Your Stuff with OtterBox Cases for iPads and More

My first exposure to OtterBox as a company came in the form of an early version of what I affectionately dubbed the armored tank of stuff protectors for outdoor adventurers: the OtterBox 2500 Waterproof Case. It looked like a giant gray brick and felt completely indestructible. I trusted it to keep my cameras, phones, keys and other valuables out of harm's way on countless backpacking trips, and it did the trick. But iPhone cases, iPad cases and other dry boxes are also among stuff protectors OtterBox is known for, and I had the chance to test out a couple of fantastic options.

OtterBox 2000 Series DryBox Waterproof Case

Before I took the DryBox out into the wild, I left it completely submerged in a pot of water overnight to be sure it was waterproof. The bunch of tissues I stuffed inside came out completely dry nearly 12 hours later. I also dropped the case from 15 feet with a small glass bottle inside, and though the DryBox has a scratch on it, the bottle stayed in one piece. I considered driving over the DryBox to test its durability, but thought the better of it, given I don't know if my tires could handle it.

The only issue I have with the case is the fact that the interior only measures approximately 6" x 3" x 1". It's small. I can fit my iPhone 4, a few credit cards, some cash and my car key inside, but that's about it. The DryBox 2500, on the other hand, is too heavy and bulky to carry around unless I've got a DSLR camera to protect. The 2000 Series case comes in yellow, blue, black (pictured above) and clear. 

Bottom line? If you frequently find yourself dropping small objects in water or know they take a fair bit of abuse when you're adventuring, the DryBox 2000 is a great option. But if you need more room, you'll likely need to upgrade to the DryBox 2500.

OtterBox Defender Series iPad Mini Case

The OtterBox Defender iPad Mini case completely assembled.
After getting an iPad Mini, I barely took it out of the house for fear of something happening to it. I knew I needed a serious case to protect it from drops, to keep dust and dirt out, and to keep the screen intact. The OtterBox Defender iPad Mini Case includes four separate pieces - a hard polycarbonate inner shell, a hard screen cover, a flexible slipcover and a polycarbonate case that doubles as a kickstand. The inner shell and screen cover snap together to form a tight seal around the device, and once I clicked it into place, it was tough to get the device out again. My screen protector has scratches and fingerprints on it, but when I do take the device out, it looks brand new. I was concerned the thick screen protector would make it hard to use the touchscreen itself, but it hasn't been an issue yet.

The rubbery, flexible slipcover wraps tightly around the device and includes plug covers that keep dirt out of the charging port, among other openings. It takes a few extra seconds to open the plug covers to charge the iPad and to find the mute/unmute switch, but it's a small price to pay. The slipcover is textured and durable, making it easy to hang on to.
One of the several upright positions you can choose
using the kickstand.

The final piece, a hard, durable half-case, snaps on to the front or back of the device for even more protection. It also doubles as a kickstand; there are at least three different positions you can stand the iPad up in, which makes it super convenient for typing, watching movies, or reading recipes in the kitchen. Unfortunately, there's no opening for the device's camera lens, so if you've got the whole setup assembled with the hard case on, you have to remove it before taking a picture. The entire setup is also a bit bulky for everyday use, but I've kept it on since I got it because I know my device is safe.

Bottom line? The OtterBox Defender Series iPad Mini Case is a great option for those who abuse their electronic devices like I do.

Many thanks to OtterBox for sending me complimentary samples to test! If you've used OtterBox cases before, what's the worst thing your gear or electronics have survived, thanks to the cases? If you haven't used them, would you try them?


Heidi Henry said…
Have never used an Otterbox before but am currently eyeing one for my new iPhone. Thanks for your insight!
Katie said…
OtterBox makes great cases, for sure! I use the Commuter case for my iPhone for everyday use, and it's already protected the phone despite a few drops on the sidewalk. They're awesome!
Aleya Jean said…
I've got an otterbox for my iphone - LOVE it. I drop it all the time. Make sure you get a screen protector too, those are key. I don't think I've ever actually touched the physical body of my iphone...
Sonya / said…
Awesome! I've been a huge fan of the Otterbox accessories since I invested in an Otterbox for my iPhone 3G!