Adventure-Inspired and the Pocket Ranger Blog!

Pocket Ranger helps you explore your favorite
state parks, and find new ones!
One of the best things about my work with Adventure-Inspired is the opportunity to work with other amazing organizations doing good things, providing good information, and helping more people get outside. Today, I'm excited to announce the first of several contributions I'll be making to the Pocket Ranger® blog as one more way to build excitement around visiting our nation's state parks. Pocket Ranger's collection of apps that serve as interactive park tour guides accessible on today's most widely-used mobile devices. Through Pocket Ranger's apps, you can:
  • Find state parks closest to you
  • Find detailed information about a species type within a specific state
  • Stay on top of weather conditions
  • Make park reservations
  • Search for state parks near you by activity type
  • Stay up to date with news about your favorite state parks
The ParksByNature Network (PBN) works directly with state park systems to provide updated, accurate visitor information guide you through your park visit via the Pocket Ranger apps. Enhanced features allow you to keep track of your hikes using GPS and GIS technology, share points of interest, and keep track of friends using the "friend finder" feature. And of course, you can share photos you take at your favorite state parks. I've used the Pennsylvania and Delaware State Parks and Forests Guides to help prepare me for park visits, and they're just great sources of information. The best part? They're free.

For my first contribution to the Pocket Ranger blog, I cover three winter sports I want to try as a follow up to the snow biking 101 post on Adventure-Inspired last week. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!


How exciting. This is awesome!