THe Hydration Summit: Hydration System Nozzles, Avoiding Cross Contamination, and More

Today marks the end of the first week of the Hydration Summit, an online discussion forum for all things related to staying hydrated during outdoor activities. It's been an amazing week for me, both as a featured blogger and as a reader. There are a number of spirited, detailed discussions on a variety of topics I'm always interested in learning more about, and Bob Geiger himself, Vice President of Operations for Geigerrig, weighed in on feedback about Geigerrig system. Take a look at some of the featured discussions for this first week:

Dave Creech discusses four similar, yet very different hydration systems using a number of important criteria, including ease of refilling, ease of cleaning, ease of accessing water, on-the-go refilling, and ease of drinking during aerobic activity.
Paul Osborn takes an in-depth look at a small, but vital piece of every hydration system - the nozzle. He compares six popular systems, including Outdoor Products, High Sierra, Platypus, Camelbak, Osprey and GeigerRig.

For my first Hydration Summit post,  I was most interested in understanding why you'd want to pressurize your hydration system in the first place, as that's one of the main features of Geigerrig systems. Turns out, there are a number of reasons to do it, and a number of different methods.

Philip Werner explains how you could risk getting unwanted dirt and bacteria into your hydration system's water supply without realizing it, and how to avoid it.

Most of us think about the effects of dehydration being most prevalent in hot weather, but Erika Wiggins discusses how we need to be aware of staying hydrated at altitude, staying hydrated in cold weather and more.

Whitney Orban goes over a number of ways to purify water when the nearest faucet is miles away, including different types of filters, tablets, chemicals and other methods.

If you're not part of the discussions yet, there's still time! Visit the Hydration Summit website, register, then let us guest bloggers know what you think about the topics we're covering. You can also share your own stories from the trail!