Freeze Dried Backcountry Goodness and a Discount Code from Mountain House Meals

Nothing tastes sweeter than a
Mountain House Blueberry Cheesecake
after two days on Devil's Path.
Three weeks ago, I profiled two books that are sure to help all of us eat better in the backcountry by cooking more inspired meals and preparing adequately. But when I'm backpacking and all I want is a quick, easy meal that packs exactly what I need into a small disposable pouch, Mountain House meals are the best I've found out there.

The company's been making amazing freeze dried foods for recreational users since the 1970's, even working with the Department of Defense to make military rations that weigh less, taste good and are easy to prepare. From scrambled eggs with bacon to blueberry cheesecake, Mountain House has every part of every meal covered.

And they're continuing to innovate, finding new ways to make off-the-grid cooking easier with inventions like the Mountain Oven, a five-use flameless heating kit that allows you to prepare any Mountain House meal without a fire or stove. Though I haven't had the chance to test the Mountain Oven, I've been eating Mountain House meals on backpacking trips for a while now because they're just plain good. Some of my favorites are:

Scrambled Eggs with Bacon: Rehydrated eggs and bacon aren't exactly the same as eggs and bacon at home, but they're an amazing substitute. After lamenting that oatmeal was all I could find that packed well for breakfast, I took this Mountain House meal on Devil's Path in the Catskills and was excited to find a decent substitute for my favorite at-home breakfast. I 'd recommend adding half the required amount of water; adding the full amount of water resulted in runny eggs.
Chicken Teryaki with Rice: Though not always an endearing comparison, this meal always reminds me of good take-out. It's sweet, savory, filling and delicious.
Pasta Primavera: This meal was my pre-summit day nourishment on Mount Rainier in 2010. After careful testing, it proved to be the easiest on my gastrointestinal tract and tasted amazing. After adding water, the rehydrated vegetables looked as though they'd come right out of my refrigerator. And the Pro-Pak pouch meant it took up almost no room in my pack.
Blueberry Cheesecake: Yes, it is possible to have an amazing dessert without an oven, stove, or a million mixing bowls strewn across the kitchen. This one does take some effort, more than just pouring hot water into a pouch, but when you're done, it'll be the best dessert you've had on the trail.

If you're a fan of Mountain House, or if you're interested in trying one of their products for the first time, you're in luck! Through the month of April, use promo code "INSPIRED" to get 15% off your purchase on the Mountain House website, excluding cans. Thanks to Mountain House for providing the code!


Stephanie said…
I'm partial to the Mountain House lasagna. On your recommendation, though, I'm eager to try out the blueberry cheesecake. I need to add a go-to dessert to my repertoire!
josh said…
I've definitely had mixed results with a bunch of dried foods. Thanks for the heads up on Mountain House!
Katie Levy said…
You've gotta test out a few to find what works for your palate and intestines (ha!), but the meals I mentioned above are my favorites. Good luck with the experiment!
Katie Levy said…
Ah, yes, the lasagna! I didn't do well with a lot of the meat-heavy tummy didn't like them the next day! But the veggie-heavy stuff and the desserts are awesome. Let me know how the blueberry cheesecake goes!