Video: Hang Gliding at Hyner View with TerraMar Adventures

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Beautiful evening flight. Can you spot the hang glider?
"One. Two. Three. RUN!" If it were me strapped to the beautifully designed, perfectly capable hang glider receiving the command, my response likely would have been, "NO!" But on a weekend trip with TerraMar Adventures, nearly a dozen brave souls made it from the top of Hyner View State Park near Renovo, Pennsylvania to the landing zone nearly 1000 vertical feet below with giant smiles on their faces. It was a sight to behold, and one of the most unique trips I've been on in the area.

Hyner View has been a hang gliders paradise since 1975. Set in beautiful central Pennsylvania, a blissful 20 minute drive outside of cell range, it's one of the oldest flying sites on the East Coast, according to the Hyner Hang Gliding Club. The launch site faces an ideal west/northwest, and with panoramic views of the Susquehanna River below, it's a great lookout spot regardless if your penchant for running off the sides of cliffs. There's also plenty to do, (hiking, swimming, tubing, riding bikes up the 7-mile hill to the launch area) if you're not interested in flying.

I've been a guide/organizer for TerraMar Adventures since 2008 and finally got up to Hyner for the first time this year. After the four hour drive from Philadelphia, we camped out right on the edge of the landing zone, which is entirely private land, and spent the weekend watching the wind, building bonfires and exploring. Experienced hang gliding pilot Shawn took folks up to the launch at regular intervals depending on the conditions. I didn't partake in the flying, but still had a blast hiking, swimming, relaxing, and  watching others hurl themselves off the mountain strapped to Shawn and his tandem glider. I rode up to launch with Shawn and two TerraMar members to prep for a flight, and captured most of the process on film:

Hanggliding with TerraMar Adventures from Katie Levy on Vimeo.

Driving up to launch at Hyner View, unpacking and assembling the glider, safety checks and practice runs were all part of the process. For the run off the edge, timing is everything, and it's obvious Shawn has it down to a science.

It was awesome to watch, but I'm still way too much of a chicken to do it! Thanks to Shawn and the Hyner Club for being such amazing hosts, and to my fellow TerraMar guides for putting together an awesome weekend! Have you ever been hang gliding? If not, is it something you'd want to try? 


Heather Balogh said...

Ok, pretty sure I'd be terrified while running off the cliff, but that would be so awesome! I'd love to do that!!!!

Carl said...

Wow. That looks scarier than I imagined. You looked really high up there.

k8tlevy said...

of course I knew you'd be up for it, Heather! I think that would be the hardest part too. and you definitely don't want to hesitate, trip, or trip the pilot. yikes!

Shirley Beningo said...

1300+ feet down to the landing zone.

Shirley Beningo said...

Nice montage, Katie!

Katie @k8tlevy said...

Yep, what Shirley said! It was crazy. The fact that it took 10 minutes to drive to the top and 3 minutes to fly back down...yeah, it was high :) I was content to watch the whole thing from above and below!

Katie said...

Thanks, Shirley! You and Brian were great subjects for the photos :) I just wish I'd gotten more of the flights on camera. Next time! Hope to see you at another event soon, and it was awesome to meet a fellow appreciator of Ithaca!