Hydration Summit Week 3 Active Discussions Roundup

The third week of the Hydration Summit is over and week four, the last week, is well underway. This past week, contributors covered everything from hydration needs based on age to how hydration packs handle different types of liquid. There's still time to join in those discussions as well as those from week one. If you register and comment, there's a sweet contest in it for you, too!

Hydration bladders don't just help you hydrate on the trail. In this post, Tiffany goes over ways you can use your hydration system to make general camping chore easier, including cleaning dishes, personal hygiene and putting out fires. In a review released on the same day, Melissa Edge gives parents tips for getting kids to drink if they're not excited about plain old water. She also talks about how the Geigerrig system is super family-friendly.

Last year, boy scouting celebrated its 100th year. Adam describes how important hydration was to his troop growing up and his first use of a hydration pack. And in a review from the same day, Ryan tests our a variety of drinks in his reservoir to see if there are any residual taste issues. 

Did you know that athletes over 50 are more susceptible to dehydration? In Erika's latest contribution to the active discussions list, she discusses the effects of dehydration on performance and health and effective hydration techniques. And Brian Green gives the Rig 1600 four stars out of a possible five in his review. Find out how Brian used his system and what he liked most about it. 

Monitoring your Tykes Hydration and Do They Need More than Just Water?
and Is a Pressurized Hydration System a Necessity? A Closer Look at the Geigerrig Rig 500
In Melissa Edge's second post of the week, she goes over how to keep up with the hydration needs of your children during outdoor summer activities. And in my second and final post for the Hydration Summit, I take a look at whether or not a pressurized hydration system is really work investing in. Spoiler alert: the pressurization feature isn't the only thing that sets Geigerrig hydration packs apart, and in my opinion, it isn't the most important.

Be sure to keep an eye on the Hydration Summit website; there's new content coming in every day...at least for one more week!