Hydration Summit Week 2 Active Discussions Roundup

While I was out gallivanting around Arizona, new active discussions within the Hydration Summit took off. The second full week of contributor posts came to a close on Friday, June 15th, but of course, there's still time to join in those discussions as well as those from week one. If you register and comment, there's a sweet contest in it for you, too! 

Backcountry Treatment of Waterborne Illness
Getting sick in the backcountry is not a fun discussion topic, but Dave Creech knows his stuff and knows how to deliver information when it comes to wilderness first aid. In this post, he talks about the different causes of waterborne illnesses, the symptoms, and how to deal with everything when sickness hits mid-trip.

Drink From a Water Source or Pump & Go?
Brian Green discusses portable straw filters as well as pump filters and the pros and cons of each. I had no idea straw filters even existed - thanks, Brian!

Interview with John Seifert: Understanding Hydration as a Bodily Process
We know we need to stay hydrated, but why and how? In this post, Katie Boué interviews John Seifert of Montana State University. As a veteran of the Gatorade physiology lab, Seifert has spent decades studying the relationship athletes and adventurers have with hydration.

Hydration for the Masses: Water and Beyond 
Which is best to help you stay hydrated - water, sports drinks, tablets and powders, or food? Ryan Eisberg takes a close look at a variety of options.

Review: Four Hydration Bladders
Are all hydration bladders really created equal? Jake Bramante takes a look at four popular brands of bladders and compares key features like ease of cleaning and ease of filling on the trail.

If you're not part of the discussions yet, there's still time! Visit the Hydration Summit website, register, then let us guest bloggers know what you think about the topics we're covering. You can also share your own stories from the trail!