Wee Winter Wanders and a New Perspective

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icy stalagmites/Hershey's Kisses sculptures
One of my favorite things in the world is to try and see familiar things from a new perspective. It's right up there with seeing new things! My home town, Ithaca, NY, is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the state. Though, I admit I might be a bit biased... Living here, I definitely took the beauty for granted, or rather, didn't spend as much time appreciating it as I do now.

Dan and I went out for a wee winter wander to get some fresh air on Christmas Eve in the Six Mile Creek area of town. It's a place I've been to many times in the warmer months, particularly when I was younger, for Ithaca's version of cliff jumping. (Of course, the smallest cliff was the highest I could handle.) But I don't remember ever really taking the time to look around there in the winter. We discovered Mother Nature's got a way of quietly making her presence known in some extraordinary ways. I live to be in awe of and inspired by how beautiful the world is.

All the photos to follow and more are up on http://adventure-inspired.smugmug.com

stalagmite ice and...my left leg. (Dan Herscovitch)
suspended, frozen.
a little bit of rime ice and a lot of waterfall.

I'd just love to see a time elapse video of how this was created...

drops trying to reach the creek that didn't quite make it.


jrmontag said...

Whoa. Those structures are incredible! I like the last one the most. Great working being in this space at just the right time.

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful!!! I love how crystal clear the ice is.

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful! I love how crystal clear the ice is.